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Slice Referral FAQ and Additional Terms

What is the Referral Program?

Our Referral Program allows you to share Slice with friends or family to earn Referral Credits (defined below) towards your next order.

When a friend signs up using your referral invitation, they’ll receive an invitation to sign-up to create a Slice account. Once the account is created, $5 of Referral Credit will automatically be applied to your friend’s first order. Once your friend completes their first order, you will receive a notification email that $5 of Referral Credit has been loaded to your Slice account.

Please note that the Referral Credit will apply to the final total of your order. These personal referral invitations are just that: personal. That means we encourage you to share your invitation link with people you know over email, text or via social media channels, but not on search engines or other paid marketing sites. Slice reserves the right to deactivate any user’s account or to rescind Referral Credits if it is deemed there was abuse of the Referral Program, including promotion of referrals using paid media.

How do I refer people?

After you complete your first order, you will see the option to refer a friend on the Order Confirmation Page. You’ll have the option to share Slice via email, text or via social media channels. You can also navigate to the refer a friend page through the top navigation bar when logged into your account.

What is Referral Credit? Are there any restrictions I should know about?

Referral Credit is Slice’s version of store credit. 1 Referral Credit = 1 Dollar. Referral Credit can be received via a Qualified Referral.

Referral Credit can only be redeemed on credit orders. Referral Credit cannot be redeemed as a form of cash, these funds are strictly permitted for use on the Slice platform.

How much can I earn?

You will receive Referral Credit for each friend you successfully refer to Slice. A Qualified Referral is constituted by a user who has no prior orders on Slice, successfully completes that order through your referral invitation, and completes the within thirty (30) days of receiving an invitation to Slice. From the issue date, Referral Credit expires on a rolling basis 365 days after the date of issuance.

I’ve been referred by a friend. Do my credits expire?

You have thirty (30) days from the date your friend sends you the referral invitation to sign up, create an account, and place your order. After those thirty (30) days are up, your referral link will expire. If you still haven’t placed an order using Slice you can still redeem a new referral invitation.

Does Referral Credit expire?

Referral Credit earned via a Qualified Referral will be placed in your Slice account to be redeemed on your next credit order. From the date of issuance, Referral Credit will expire on a rolling 365-day basis. Meaning, starting from the day you earn Referral Credits – if you don’t place an order using Slice for 366 days, those Referral Credits will be gone. We encourage you to use it!

Can I transfer Referral Credit?

We like to believe, if you earn Referral Credit you’ll want to use it. For this reason, we will not allow for Referral Credit to be transferred between Slice account holders.

What does my friend need to do for me to get the referral credit?

Using your referral invitation, your friend must sign up for a Slice account and complete an order within thirty (30) days. Once the order is confirmed, we will automatically place Referral Credit into your account.

I’ve been referred by a friend. How much credit can I earn?

The referral invitation is good for $5 off your very first Slice order. Simply follow the invitation and the $5 credit will be applied to your first order. Once you complete that first order, you’ll then be eligible to refer a friend to Slice.

Do I have to use my Referral Credit all on one order?

Your balance of Referral Credit will automatically be applied to your next Slice order. If your balance is greater than the order total, the remaining credit will be patiently waiting for your next order. For example: if you have $20 in Referral Credit and your order total is $10, then you will have $10 to spare for your next order!

Are there any additional terms or limitations?

Referral Credits are capped for each user at $1000 in Referral Credit per month and $12,000 in Referral Credit per year. This Referral Program is subject to all of Slice’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy located at http://slicelife.com/pages/terms-of-use and http://slicelife.com/pages/privacy.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here, where can I get help?

Please contact our Customer Support team at support@slicelife.com or call us at 888-974-9928. We’re here 24/7 to assist with all pizza needs!