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Welcome to Slice

We believe pizza is more than food — it's a slice of life. Across the country, pizza is made by people who care about craft, history, and culture, and we created Slice to connect those proud makers with customers who are just as passionate about their pizza. We celebrate pizza as the ultimate shareable food; one that brings people together for more than just a delicious bite. So whether you call it a pizza parlor, slice joint, or pizzeria, we're here to help you order authentic local pizza, connect to your community, and live your best slice life.

About allhands About pizza party

Based in the heart of New York City, and with over 200 team members worldwide, Slice is one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. Meet our talented team of pizza-lovers.

Special thanks Billy’s Pizza and Pasta of Brooklyn, and Bella Napoli of Manhattan for letting us shoot at their pizzerias!

Careers at Slice

At Slice we're truly living the dream, with so many pizza parties (yes, we said pizza parties!), unlimited vacation, incredible benefits, learning opportunities and a weekly credit to order from your favorite pizza parlor. Based in the heart of New York City, and with over 200 team members worldwide, working at Slice gives you the opportunity to help your favorite local pizzeria succeed by giving them the technology, tools, and marketing to let them compete with “Big Pizza” chains. We believe that business and family are one and the same, and when you build an environment that values passion, determination, and trust—anything is possible.

So, are you hungry to join us at one of the fastest growing companies in the country? Ready to mold the dough, move the needle, and make a tasty impression? We're looking for talented folks with a passion for local, authentic pizza to add to our growing family.







Don't see a job that's right for you? Send your resume to jobs@slicelife.com to be considered for future opportunities.